Mobile Cardiac Telemetry Monitoring – What to Expect and FAQs

IMPORTANT: This cardiac monitor is a diagnostic tool and not part of an emergency service. DIAL 911 FOR EMERGENCIES. 

ACT Patient Video

The small and lightweight sensor and electrodes are worn on your chest to record your heart’s rhythm. Each heartbeat is transmitted wirelessly to the dedicated cellular phone monitor where it is analyzed. If an arrhythmia is detected, the cell phone automatically sends it to one of three LifeWatch Monitoring Centers for review and MD notification, if required.

Following your enrollment:

  1. LifeWatch will verify your insurance.
  2. If you were not given the monitor in the office, you will receive a FedEx package which contains the ACT system and all the materials you will need for the monitoring service.
  3. A LifeWatch technician will call you at a scheduled time and help you set up the system, take a baseline recording and begin your monitoring session.
  4. If you miss your scheduled training, please call LifeWatch at +1.800.517.6330.
  5. When the monitoring session is complete, simply return the ACT kit in the self-addressed and pre-paid envelope provided.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To reset the cellular phone monitor and sensor please follow these steps.

  • Remove the battery from the sensor.
  • Turn off the cellular phone monitor by holding down the power button for 5 seconds.
  • Re-start the cellular phone monitor by pressing the power button for 5 seconds.
  • Re-insert the battery into the sensor when the cellular phone monitor displays the beating heart.

Is the ACT kit water resistant?

  • No. The sensor, cellular phone and wires should not get wet. The electrode patches can be worn in the shower or bath.

Can over the counter batteries be used?

  • No. Use the specialized batteries included in the kit. If more batteries are needed, please contact the LifeWatch Client Care Center at +1.800.517.6330.

How often should the cellular phone monitor be charged?

  • The cellular phone monitor should be charged overnight and an hour or two during the day, if possible.

Why does the cellular phone monitor screen turn black?

  • The screen goes black to conserve power. To illuminate the screen press any button.

How often should the battery in the Sensor be changed?

  • The battery in the sensor should be changed every 4-5 days or as required.

Can you expect a call from LifeWatch during your service?

  • Yes. LifeWatch may call you if there are any questions or issues detected during your monitoring service. Is it important to answer or return any calls made from LifeWatch during your service.