Mobile Cardiac Telemetry 

Broad functionality – One simple system

With its high-performance 3-channel ECG capability, the LifeWatch Mobile Cardiac Telemetry 3-Lead service offers broad functionality in one easy-to-use system. Offering up to 30-days of real-time arrhythmia monitoring, the LifeWatch MCT 3L is the only 3-channel Mobile Cardiac Telemetry device on the market, which provides additional views of the heart.

Technically speaking:

  • Auto-detection of AFib, Tachycardia, Bradycardia and Pause
  • Daily Summary and End of Session reports with AFib Burden, Heart rate histogram and arrhythmia statistics
  • Extended ECG analysis surrounding any episode (on request)
  • Full Disclosure analysis (on request)
  • Can be used as 24-48 hour Holter (ACT Ex) and up to 30 days of extended Mobile Cardiac Telemetry monitoring

Features and Benefits

  • Increase patient compliance – No patient intervention is required
  • Full Disclosure – Up to 30 days of full disclosure ECG, allowing physicians to understand the early symptoms and etiology of arrhythmias and determine therapeutic options
  • 24 hour coverage – Our 3 monitoring centers guarantee clinical availability 24 /7/ 365 days a year
  • Remotely reprogrammable – Any auto trigger can be modified remotely depending on  the needs of the care team and specific patient
  • Clinical Reports – comprehensive daily and end-of-session reports, providing better visibility of patient compliance and timely review of aggregated data
  • Increased Diagnostic Yield – Mobile Cardiac Telemetry is significantly more effective than standard event and Holter monitors

Clinical Reporting

  • Daily, episode, urgent and end-of-session reports
  • 24 hour heart rate trend report
  • Daily average heart rate and compliance
  • Daily AF Burden derived from readable data
  • Physician “Narrative”
  • Number and duration of episodes
  • Daily arrhythmia percentage
  • ECG strips correlate to baseline, daily, or manual recording and physician notification
  • All other ECG strips available upon request
  • Enhanced web reporting with access to reports anywhere, anytime via a secure web portal


LifeWatch monitoring devices are diagnostic tools and not part of an emergency service.