A-Fib Patient Management Program

Post-ablation monitoring – for appropriate follow up

LifeWatch introduced the first-to-market A-Fib (Atrial Fibrillation) Patient Care Program for remote cardiac monitoring of patients post-ablation. The Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) Executive Summary has cited the need for extended monitoring of patients who are post- AF catheter and surgical ablation in order to track the procedure’s outcomes and provide appropriate follow-up. The LifeWatch A-Fib Patient Management Program has partnered with key U.S. cardiac institutions.

Features and Benefits:

  • Single Order Protocol (including 48 hour Holter analysis and extended continuous or episodic auto-trigger, auto-send monitoring)
  • Concise symptom, heart rate and AF correlation
  • Custom reporting tools
  • Efficient, time saving enrollment process
  • Educational tools to improve patient compliance