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LifeStar ACT Ambulatory Cardiac Telemetry

ACT (Ambulatory Cardiac Telemetry) is an automatically activated system that requires no patient intervention to either capture or transmit an arrhythmia when it occurs. Upon arrhythmia detection, the system automatically utilizes the integrated cellular phone to transmit the ECG waveform to LifeWatch, where the ECG is analyzed. The patients physician is notified of the arrhythmia based on pre-determined notification criteria prescribed by the patients physician. LifeStar ACT provides critical ECG information by capturing the onset and termination/escape of an arrhythmia to assist in correctly identifying and treating the patient. Patients are monitored for up to 30 days and all the data is available at the request of the physician during the service period and for 7 days following the end of service.

LifeStar ACT Products

LifeStar ACT III Platinum
The LifeStar ACT III offers broad functionality with its high-performance multi-channel Ambulatory Cardiac Telemetry in one simple-to-use system. The ACT system offers up to 30-days of 3-channel ECG monitoring. The ACT III will also provide more sensitive and specific data for initial or early detection of arrhythmia in patients that have minimal or atypical symptoms.
LifeStar ACT Ex
The LifeStar ACT Ex blends the technology of a 3-channel ambulatory cardiac telemetry platform and remote retrieval of digital Holter data to provide an in-depth arrhythmia diagnosis and management solution in a single easy to use device for the patient. This two part service begins as a 24-48 hour Holter Analysis, and if the Holter is negative, the ACT 3-channel real-time telemetry starts for up to 30 days.
  • 24/48 hours of continuous 3 channel Holter data and Ambulatory Cardiac telemetry for up to 30 days from one software-defined device
  • Detection and quantification of A-Fib, AF burden and other cardiac arrhythmias, inclusive of Tachycardia, Bradycardia and Pauses
       - Heart rate variability
       - PVC count
       - ST analysis
       - QT analysis
  • Experienced Holter Technicians analyze every beat retrospectively
  • Full disclosure available upon special request
ACT Enhanced Daily Reporting Features
  • 24 hour Heart Rate trend report
  • Heart Rate average
  • Arrhythmia sample analysis report (AF, Brady, Tachy and Pause)
  • Number and duration of episodes
  • Daily arrhythmia percentage
  • ECG strip correlating to the baseline, daily, or manual recording and physician notification
  • All other ECG strips available upon request
Typical Use
  • Extensive calculation & quantification of AF and other rhythm disturbances; AF Burden (Onset and escape); detailed ECG analysis allows
    identification of arrhythmias. 
  • Automatically records / sends episodes of AF, Bradycardia, Tachycardia and Pause
  • Remotely programmable
  • Up to 30 days of retrievable ECG memory 
  • Symptom correlation via menu screen on Monitor
  • Date and time stamped
  • Automatic daily recording
  • Direct patient contact via wireless monitor
  • Reporting with daily heart rate and arrhythmia analysis trends